Monday, April 4, 2011

Union Station / North Station

This is a modern (sort of) postcard produced by Dover publications in 1977. It's from a set titled Thirty-Two Picture Postcards of Old Boston. I found this one in a dusty box of about a million postcards from all over the world buried in the back of a New Bedford (MA) antiques mall.

I was thrown a little bit by the description on the back of the card that labeled it "Union Station in the 1890's (courtesy of The Boston Public Library)". Something about it looked a lot like North Station to me.

This link gives more detail about why I was both right and wrong at the same time:,_Massachusetts)

It is indeed a building that was on the land where the current North Station stands but apparently it was demolished to make way for the Boston Garden which in turn was demolished to make way for the "Whatever" Center (currently Fleet Bank)that stands there now.

My Father lived in Andover for decades and I took trains out of North Station pretty frequently to go visit him, in high school I went to concerts at the old Boston Garden and worked stuffing envelopes for The Yankee Group just a block away. In my 20's I drank at both The Penalty Box and The Harp, even tho I haven't really been in that area with any frequency in quite a while (A Springsteen show at the "Whatever" Center a couple of years ago might have been the last time...) but even so many years later, something about this image clicked "North Station" in my head.

A fun find that definately makes me want to go back to North Station and look around, maybe even look up, something I can't recall ever doing when there in the past...