Thursday, November 12, 2015

Brink's Robbery Patrolman Charles Joseph McIntyre

Found this last night in a box of items saved from my maternal grandmother's scrapbook. My Grand Father's (Charles McIntyre) official police department records do not contain any mention of the Brink's robbery (that I have noticed) but according to this article, he was scheduled to testify to something.

   Perhaps he was just a witness testifying to police procedure and not actually involved int he case but it could be fun to look up those court records and see what might be there. 

   I asked my Mother if she knew about this and she replied that no, she didn't, "But he didn't talk about those things at home."

   My grandmother passed away before I was born so I have no idea what her thoughts might have been but I am grateful that she (and my great aunt) saved a whole lot of this stuff in locations that were all over, pretty much ensuring that if someone, someday were to be interested, it would be found.