Saturday, August 4, 2012

This Week Playing in Boston August 8, 1955 Marie Cord Sabby Lewis Barbara Lee

One of my side projects is selling vintage items both online and at flea markets around New England. This brings me in contact with many collectors and sellers of all sorts of vintage stuff and a couple of weeks ago I made a great connection at a local flea market; I purchaced some Playbills from right on the spot from this new friend and I met with him again today and made another great purchace of a lot of vintage Playbills and other ephemera.

   This is one of the items I purchaced today and I absolutely LOVE the articles and advertising contained on it's pages:

 Boston's Favorite Band Leader & Disk Jockey, Station WBMS, I can't wait to look up more about him and that station!

 Barbara Lee, "Interprative Dancer", what on earth does that mean?

 "Marie Cord, Boston's Pin Up Girl" sounded really interesting but I can't find anything about her on line:

 What a fun piece of history! 

I am going to enjoy the hours of looking up the performers and the places advertised within. It's not the super stars that make any city really interesting, it's who hides in the nooks and crannies of history that really define a place and time.