Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Youth's Companion Library, Companion Building Boston

  This card came from a collection of my Grandparents that had many pieces of mail addressed to this same woman, I'm not entirely sure who she was or if she was even related in anyway to my family. (My Grandparents loved collecting all kinds of vintage stuff and could ahve easily found these at a church sale, she could be a totally unrelated person but I've held onto the cards and letters none the less just in case I find out she was someone related to our family in some way).


     I found this image of place and time very interesting and having once lived near "The Companion Building" I have always been interested in going back there to take a few photos of what the building looks like now (or even if it's still there). time being as fleeting as it is tho, I haven't seemed to have found enough of it to spare an afternoon jaunt just for curiositis sake.
    It's a neat card tho and I figured even if I can't spare the time to go an take more updated photos for the place, it is still an interesting thing to share.

    Wikipedia information on The Youth's Companion Building