Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Galway House, 710 Centre St, Jamaica Plain, MA

Sometimes you want to go where nobody knows your name, but they're still always glad you came.

Or something to that effect...

The first apartment my husband and I rented was near Franklin Park and we had dinner at 'The Galway' at least (at the very least) about once a week for a good solid 5 years or so before we moved south into our own house. 

In the dozen or so years since our days as semi-regulars, we have occasionally thought, "Hey, let's go back the Galway for dinner!" and off we've gone. 

Before tonight it had probably been at least 6 months since we went and as I was getting dressed today I put on a vintage Galway House shirt and told my husband, "I'm feeling rather retro today."
To which he replied,
 "How long has it been since we've been to the Galway???"

 So, of course, off we went! 

Much has changed but much is just the same, thankfully the chicken fingers and hot wings are still quite pub-a-licious and our favorite waitress is still there (25 years! we asked her tonight) and although the wall decor and the booths have changed the nice, easy, go ahead and spread the Sunday paper across the booth atmosphere is exactly the same as it's always been. 

There was however one, most spectacular change that goes to show,
 even if things change at the places you love,
 if the people behind the scenes stay the same then the wonderul feel of a place that attracted you in the first place will never change.   

I forgot to ask the name of the local artist who painted the door (the owner found the great light and installed it in the center of the door) but I have a feeling that there is time enough for getting the details later, of course we will be back. 

And when we do go back to ask, we'll have to also find a discreet way to get the name of our favorite waitress (whose name I'm sure we've asked a million times through the years, Pam? I'm not sure, we always ask after a pint or 4 and then, well, we forget...) and perhaps pass on our own. 
Not that we have any problem being known as "Wings, Hot" and his wife "Chicken Fingers" as long as we continue to be greeted with a big smile and "Hey! Haven't seen you in a while! How've ya been?"

 I wouldn't trade a night at the Galway for all the 5 Star joints in town.

 Good times, great art, full belly.

Who could ask for more?
 : )

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Rogers Archive - Great Old Boston Photos for Sale on Ebay

  I sell assorted collectibles on eBay as a part time job and while investigating Jordan Marsh items I have to sell, I found this shop that is more of a museum than an eBay shop:

Rogers Archive Boston, MA eBay store

    I absolutely love this collection of great images from old Boston, well worth checking out even if you aren't in the market to buy. It's a unique collection and really fun and informative to browse.