Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hotel Humboldt Hotel Holborn Roxbury, MA

This is an old photo I found online showing The Humboldt Theatre which was once located at 147 Humboldt Ave in Roxbury.

    I found this photo while I was searching for information about an old Hotel Humboldt and/or Hotel Holborn also located in Roxbury.

    A few days ago I was in the breakroom at work talking about random stuff whiole eating lunch  when one of my coworkers meantioned that his grandfather used to own or possibly manage a place called Hotel Humboldt in Roxbury. He mentioned that his grandfather was now a minister but in his youth was quite the "gangsta" and it was possibly during this 'wild youth' that the man had been attached to Hotel Humboldt. 

   I absolutely LOVE digging into Boston history and love it even more when the lead I get turns out to be hidden/forgotten history, I can't find ANYTHING at all online in regards to Hotel Humboldt and as close as I've gotten is this snapshot of an old theater on Humboldt Ave.

     I will keep digging and can't wait to learn more about this elusive establishment...