Thursday, November 22, 2012

Macy's Tree Raising in Boston Mid Nov 2012

I took these early Sunday morning a week or so ago, it's kind of hard to see just how ginormous the Macy's tree is when it's up on the ledge and all decorated but at a street level view it really is quite massive.

   It's interesting to me just how much production goes into what our jaded modern minds think of as a simple and sweet holiday tradition.

    The amount of people involved in aquiring this tree, planning where it's going to go, how the lights will be powered, and how it's all going to happen without someone getting maimed or killed must be quite a number.

    I haven't worked for Macy's in years (and never worked at the Downtown Crossing location, I worked at Filene's across the street) but for all the hub-ub that I don't miss  (early bird sales, crazy hours, crazier customers...) I do think they do dress up the shop nice come holiday time.

    Kudos to them, come black friday this year tho, no early birds for me! I'm still in retail now but I sell online from home and with no crazy early bird/doorbuster sales to set, this year I'm sleeping in... : )