Monday, April 15, 2013

A sad senseless day...

 It is difficult to know what to say on  a day like today.

   So many people woke before dawn with such hope and anticipation.

      So many people trained for this day to be the one day this year where they were able to test the endurance of thier bodies, to achieve and to feel elation at completion of a task,
and to bask in the glory of a goal accomplished.

     So many friends, family and well wishing strangers gathered to watch the human spirit triumph over physical stress and strain, and then this had to happen.

     Although anything I have to say about today's events is pretty pointless,
   and it seems rather selfish of me to say I am glad I had planned a vaction day today and was nestled safe in my suburban home instead of in downtown crossing with all it's now terrifying public trash cans still, I am very glad I was here and not there.

     I am sure there are many who were there who wish they could say the same.

 Even for the physically uninjured, there are somethings that once they are seen, they can not be unseen and must be carried for the rest of days.

 I would not wish the memories some of those survivors now carry on anyone.

     I was very relieved to hear that friends and family who were there made it home safe and my thoughts are with those who can not say the same.

     Some tears and a lot of anger, not really sure I've got the words in me to cover that adequately...