Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A little mystery, a little history...

I got out of work a little earlier than expected yesterday and found myself with time on my hands before the next train out of South Station.
I took a little walk towards the harbor and thought I'd get a closer look at the giant milk bottle outside the Children's Museum and see if it has aged as well as I have.
I look every bit like I ma turning 40 this year however this look exactly the same as I remember it looking when I was a kid:

I have absolutely no idea what these are, I just happened to look down from the bridge on my walk and saw them floating along with the tide:

The closest I can come up with is perhaps fairies crash landed their space ship in the Boston Harbor and abandoned their landing gear.

I'm really mystified as to that these things could possibly be:

Fairy survival suits?

Poking around on the internet today I found this and I think it gives a great history of a largely forgotten Boston woman's literary adventure:

That is enough for today...