Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The American League Baseball Club 1901

Every one has his or her "thing".
A specific subject of intrest that is interesting no matter where discussions about said, "thing" might be found.
For me, it's music, for my husband it's sports.
There may be 4 seasons where we live but there are only 2 seasons on his personal calendar, Hockey and Baseball.
He's come home with stuff like this before, he's got a signed 8x10 glossy of some late 60's ball player who retired from baseball to become a dentist and while shopping for groceries one day happened to cross paths with the only guy on the face of the planet that would recognise him for reasons unrelated to the practice of oral maintenence and hygine.
I forget the guy's name and after the excitement of tonight's Red Sox game (as seen on TV), Michael is snoozing on the couch and I haven't the heart to wake him just for the sake of my blog.
(Stay tuned tho,
If the slugger dentist played local, I will post more about him later.)


Much in the same way that I find myself with a growing collection of bootleg tapes, tshirts, and tips on good bands to check out, Michael finds conversations with total strangers that lead to him walking away with sports stuff of intrest to him.
Our neighbors are having some work done on their house and Michael was standing in the driveway chatting with the guys doing the work when it came up that Michael had dressed up
the back of our house to look like the original American League scoreboard.
He invited the guys working on our neighbors house into the back yard to check it out and go figure, one of them happend to have a copy of this neat little bit of history tucked into his pick up truck just in case he ran across someone who might find it as interesting as he did.
Kind of in the same way that someone who really likes an up and coming band will have a few extra copies of thier favorites latest or rarest to spread the word.

No matter what your "thing" may be, I find it endlessly interesting to talk to people who are passionate about any subject no matter how boring I may personally find it.
I have really tried to understand baseball, I'm just an abysmal failure at grasping the excitement that others seem to find in it.
No matter tho,
I am crazy for history and in that,
Michael and I can both get equally as excited for this new addition to the photos in our basement sports bar: