Saturday, December 10, 2011

Scenes from Quincy Adams T stop...

I snapped this pic a couple of weeks ago at the Quincy Adams Red Line T stop after hearing for the second time a kid telling his parent how nice the station is.

Quincy Adams is not a nice station, the garage is falling apart one gaping pot hole at a time and I would not be surprised at all if the next time I park on the top at level 5, I return to my car and find it has slipped down through the cracks to level 2.
The station also proudly houses some of the ugliest outdated ceiling art I have ever seen at any public facility,(ever), but somehow, I have witnessed 2 totally unrelated kids on two seperate occasions burst with excitement to tell their parents how beautiful the station is.

The first time I kind of ignored the comment, "This place is fancy!" along with the father who asured his son there was nothing at all "fancy" about the delapitated, seriously outdated cold and drafty station but, the second time I paid attention.

What on earth was it that these kids saw that no one else did?

After the second kid commented on the lovliness of the station, I spared the time to look up, clearly these kids were seeing somthing I was missing.

I finally figured it out, the beauty they saw was what grown ups could only see as a flaw, nature bleedding into the station uninvited, kind of like the way plants decoratively overgrow in nice restuarants.

The kids knew what they were seeing was "pretty" and "fancy" even if the adults had a hard time figuring it out at first glance.
Smart kids for looking up.
I've got to try that point of view more often....