Monday, May 23, 2011

Wendy's Downtown Crossing

Another Downtown Crossing staple store front has gone vacant.
This Wendy's was in that location as long as I can remember, (at least 25 years) and I was amazed to find it gone last week when I was walking by.
I have a clear memory of looking out that front window and seeing Woolworth's across the street which is now an H&M I believe, if it's still there.
(In my shock at the missing Wendy's I forgot to look)
In high school my best friend and I would sit and people watch through the big front window as we downed out fries and frostys.
In my 20's I worked diagonally across the street at Filene's and even if I survived mostly on the cheap Chinese food a block or so away, ($2.50 for lunch may have been gastro-intestinally disasterous most days but it was a hard deal to beat...)if I had a few extra bucks kicking around, Wendy's was always a welcome mid-day treat.
I will start working in Downtown Crossing again next week and I certainly hope that the store I will be working in will not be the next to go but one of the few remaining holdouts that help turn back around a once great part of town.