Monday, July 26, 2010

Her Boston Experiences

This is the book that gave me the inspiration for this blog. I knew I wanted to write a blog that would be interesting to a larger public than my own circle of friends and family but I'm not really an expert in much of anything.

I love Linda Purl's Crazy Cat Lady who drinks and knits blog:

I'd use her great idea as a starting off point but I knit a only a little, (mostly things that are square or rectangle in shape) and don't own even one cat. I do like my wine but my idea of a good wine is the big jug of Gallo "Paisano" that retails for a whopping $10.99 at my local emporium and it's best year is usually this year for maximum freshness. If I started a wine blog the most interesting things it would have on it would be where locally to get the cheapest price on a good box o'wine.
Limited audience for that kind of info and not really the mass market sort of blog I had in mind.

There are people who write about anything and everything on thier blogs and some of them are highly informative and entertaining. My friend Pilar turned me on to The Bloggess and I like her site enough to revisit it on a fairly regular basis:

I would use her success at writing about everything and nothting as an inspiration but as pleasant as it is overall, my life just isn't all that funny.

Back to square one....

I was having a really hard time finding a place to start til I thought of this book that I've been carrying around since it was given to my Father in 1981.

I would have been 10 years old when this was given to me and I am pretty sure it was my Father who actually passed it on to me and not the woman who wrote the inscription although he had no memory at all of ever doing so.
No matter, the item for what it was/is was the reason I held onto it as long as I did.
I grew up in Brookline, MA ( a suburb of Boston) and lived in Brighton and Jamaica Plain for the bulk of my life up until the past 10 years which I have spent on the south shore of MA.
I have a large volume of Boston related memories and boxes upon boxes, upon boxes of various photos and ephemara from the generations of my family that came before me.
I know I can't be the only one....

In my 20's, I worked for the Filene's department store in Downtown crossing. I found that old building with all it's history to be a really fascinating place to work and even though it's mostly gone now (only the outer shell of the building remains), the downtown Boston area never ceases to offer up some little snippet of wonder every time I walk those streets.

So here I find myself, kind of getting comfortable, a few posts into my new blog about a subject that I don't need to be an expert on but know enough about to know that it will continue to be interesting to me as we grow together.

With this post I invite everyone along for the ride, I sincerely hope you all find this site seeing journey around Boston past and present as interesting a trip as I do.